You can visit the following nearby lakes:

santa mariaLago di Santa Maria

A perfect site for fishing as a leisure or as a more competitive activity. It is also possible to organise bbq meals taking advatage of the many free grill points provided by the Chalet staff who runs the local cafeteria, where you can taste delicious meals.





Brasimone Lake

This beautiful Lake is the perfect touristic site for all those who want a relaxing vacation close to nature. By the Lake, many sports and outdoor activities can be easily practiced, like fishing, hiking, running, cycling…just come and have a look!




Suviana Lake

No words could ever better describe this fishing paradise than the picture itself!
All kinds of fishing fans will find their own place to fulfill their expectations and cultivate their passion…always into the nature and very close to our Hotel!




casa di cura prof nobiliCasa di Cura "Prof. NOBILI"

Our hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the Nursing Home "Professor Nobili"; a facility accredited by the National Health Service Point equipped with First Aid and ambulance service 118 .

We created the special rates for those who use the services of the nursing home "Prof. NOBILI"

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